That Inner Light

Is there really an inner spark inside that burns for the Lord for all to see?

People say…You can hear it and see it!

Is it bright or dim…Is is Loud or a whisper?

You dont get the answers right away, but God is working in you and through you…and it is all centered on Love.

Even when we grow weary and we’ve messed up (not intentionally)… He is waiting for you to talk to Him.

Let Him heal those broken, sad, angry, frustrated places! Let go and Let Him be who He has and always will be!

Release yourself to His Love and Grace.

He is there to correct and teach and love on you. There is no condemnation from Him.

I know it’s hard to break your natural inclinations to run, hide and live in the dark places that you are used to running to…

But, God

He is bigger and if you let Him come inside and perform the deep healing that needs to take place…

Your light will burn bright for the world to see and your testimony will help others to find comfort, peace, hope and unconditional love.

Don’t give up.

He is with you.

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