Practice What You Preach

Preach it brother and sister.

About who He is,

His character,

And how we reflect who we are in Him.

Allow Him in those deepest crevices…

In those places that hinder our walk.

If you preach it,

Show others you mean it.

If you say you drop everything to pray for someone, do it.

It hurts more when you witness those in leadership who do not walk the walk, but claim to do so.

Wake up!

God desires for us to follow Him but also to help others to grow in Him.

When you let your feelings block loving as God loves you… it hurts everyone.

I am learning this.

We are family…right?

I’m still learning about what that means.

If you love as God loves…then do it.

Stop and love.

Stop avoiding and ignoring those who are trying to learn and grow.

Stop the silent treatment.

All you are doing is hurting them more emotionally than you realize.

Stop hurting each other!

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