Sword Up!

The battle outside and within…

The wilderness, the twists and turns…

The storms that drain you and leave you feeling lost and drowning at times…

In the folly of darkness…seek Him.

When you say that you are alone,

He is there!

When you say that No One Cares,

He is there!

Let my soul cry out! Can you hear me?

Yes, He hears you!

How do I know?

He has shown me what it means to sword up to battle against the ways of the world. How to say No Not Today to Satan.

Standing Tall and leaning into the word and seeking Him in the storm!

Putting on the King’s Armor and arming myself with prayer in His presence!

That love…

I seek that joy, that freedom, that inner healing…

I’m on a journey to get my heart beating again. To be alive in Him.

Sword Up, princess warrior!

He is with you.

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