She … and He …

She runs

She skips

She sinks

She can’t breathe

She cries

She screams

She hides

She shuts down

She whispers

She doesn’t speak

She shouts

He gazes

She reaches

She looks

She runs

She hides

She peeks

She thinks

He beckons

She hides

She runs

She battles

She prays

She cries

She screams

She bleeds

He extends His arms

He calls

She cries

She desires

She hides

He is bigger

He fights for her

She prays

She runs

She cries

She hides

She seeks

She prays

She worships

She bends her knees

He smiles

He loves her

He comforts

She trusts

She accepts

She believes

She takes a giant leap

He embraces

He understands

He listens

He cares

He stays

She says Yes

He says I love you

He begins to heal

He is finding the broken pieces

She cries

He embraces

Together they work on healing and together they build on the spiritual transformation process.

She surrenders

She is being made new

She stops running

His Banner Over Me…. is Love.

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