Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Deeply Loved

He is the roaring Lion…

The Lion of Judah.

His presence is Everywhere.

To open my eyes, open my heart, open my hands, extend my arms and free fall into His arms.

You are King and I’m covered by your wings in the deep.

Whispers in the wind…

The rippling of the deep green grass…

The sun shines brightly even in the deep dark dungeon… just look.

Open my eyes!

Breathe in the fog, mist, drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, the storms….the blue skies and the oceans deep.

He is in everything.

The dewdrops on my face, the tears that escape, the sweat of my brow, my skin… He made it all and everything is stamped with His love.

I am broken, He puts the pieces together to make a beautiful masterpiece. Only He can make me whole.

I want to make His name known far and wide…everywhere He leads me.

My hand may be slippery… His is not. Keep grabbing, keep looking for He is stretching His hand out for me.

Little girl, who peeks around the corner…

Am I safe and Can I trust you?

He is the good good Father. He is patiently saying baby girl, let’s go play in the flowers…

Run, Roll, Pick, Play…with laughter and love.

Grab His Hand…

He will not let go, He will not abandon me.

He will not hurt me, He loves me.

He loves me deeply!

He crushes my fears and commands the dark to leave.

He covers my shame.

He offers freedom, if I just believe and step out in faith.

He is the answer to the longing to find peace.

He offers Himself for me.

Thy Will Be Done.

Learning to surrender.

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