It Doesn’t Matter… but it Does.

Current deep pain mixed with prior pain from the past can just hit you hard when you are a baby Christian.

Learning can be disrupted when there are clear misunderstandings…especially when you know you’ve been called by God to be part of something that is way bigger than yourself, but the other part of the called does not see it.

Spiritual moms and dads…They are part of a higher calling by God. Whether or not they respond to the call by God to help guide and be alongside those who need to learn…can impact the spiritual family foundation.

Worship, Prayer, Praise… that is the only answer. Leaving the call by God unanswered hurts deeply.

Continue to speak truth, allow the Lord to mend those hurt places and allow humility and grace.

Pray for those who also fight in the trenches with you and pray for the battles that occur everywhere.

May those who are also broken find that they can be made whole in Him.


To be consumed…

A term used in this case to describe the Love of Jesus and the desire to be all that He has called me to be and to follow Him step by step through the wilderness and path of life.

To be so moved by the Love of Jesus that the world disappears and all that I desire is to accomplish the tasks that He has for me. Teach me who you are and take me to a place where I can fully run to you…

I am thirsty for you. I cannot move without you.

I want more of you Jesus.

I am who He says I am, I am defined by His promises and shaped by His words every single day.

Rest in Him, He remains the same and He loves you and me. A love that is like no other.

An endothermic and exothermic reaction, Energy in and Energy out…

A love that cannot be extinguished.

I don’t completely understand it.

I hope to learn more about it.

I pray to completely surrender to it.

To Love and Be Loved.

– KI

Two Left, Two Right and One in the Middle

For Fun…

In the land of virtual gaming including console and PC gaming…

You will find that there are short sentences of instructions or game chat that occurs between fireteam members or the 6v6 teams or whatever game format you are playing that can be quite hilarious at times or even frustrating when communicating live via mic.

Here are some examples of the banter between my friends and I hanging out in different games over time…

For you gamers out there… you will totally understand… trust me. Enjoy.

Why did he just message me saying nice camping? I mean it is a skill to not blink and shoot the first thing that comes in the cave.

Guys, guys… seriously… revive me. Yo, I dont care how many enemies are around…come revive me!

Seriously, 2-21 K/D…? Please throw your console out of the window.

Advice: You know… break it down and upgrade… The response: I have no legendary marks…. (sniffle).

Bathroom break….please. (In response)… put a claymore near your body and you have martyrdom on too… so you are good to go!

Team says in unison, don’t die you are the last guardian!… Titan reply… Look at me, I’m Mary Poppins!

(Game)…Access denied…(Player) There has to be a glitch around this.


Hey look, I’m jumping on your head

Catch me if you can!… Then misses the turn and flies off the cliff… *facepalm*

I’m hiding, come find me… after 5 minutes of silence… there is laughter…duh, you can see my location on the map…we are in the same fireteam

Let’s dance. (Player likes to dance everywhere)

Jazz hands!!!

Player 1 yells: Keep fighting! (Everyone’s healthbars are blinking red)

Team: Ok we get it, Jesus loves you… Player 2: He loves you too! Player 3: Let’s dance!

I’m jumping on your head!

Team leader: 2 go left, 2 go right, I’ll protect the middle. And go. 3 minutes later…. why are you on the right, when you are supposed to be left? No, go left! G-o Left! Really?

Sneaky sneaky.

Seek Him in all that you do.

– KI

Even if… Chaos Erupts… Be Still and Know.

Learning to let love grow inside of me.

Deep breath. Close my eyes, I pray to forgive…

Even if it feels like I am alone…

Even if my world feels like it is falling apart…shaken to my core.

Even if every single step hurts…

Even if I think I can’t breathe…

Even if no one knows…

Even if I feel like I don’t know which way to go or the whys behind the pain.

STOP! Guard my heart because Chaos Erupts if I don’t seek refuge in Him.

Every step forward seems like two steps backwards many days.

But, God… He is there in the deep.

He hears me when no one else is listening.

He is there, He will not leave, He loves me, He understands it all and in the Even Ifs… He is the way, the truth and the life.

I am learning to breath…

He is fighting for me and I need to rest in that love and strength.

Wind in my hair, sun in my face, eyes wide open…Take another step…He is there!

As it is written, “Stop your fighting (Be Still) and know that I am God, exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.”
Psalms 46:10 CSB

He is there, the mighty warrior and loving Father.

Find Joy and Dance in His presence!

Grab His hand and Run through the flowers.

He fights for me.